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Welcome to the Sutton School of Gymnastics website  

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Sutton School of Gymnastics Caters for all age groups and abilities. 

From complete beginner to elite squad gymnast we have classes available to suit your needs.

We are a competitive club, where every gymnasts counts.

Our Gymnastics club offers training for individuals and groups in the following:

  • Girls Artistic Gymnastics
  • Boys Artistic Gymnastics
  • Girls Floor and Vault squads
  • Boys Floor and Vault squads
  • Pre-school classes
  • Recreational classes
  • Display squad
  • Adult classes
  • FreeG (freestyle)
  • My Club (teenage sessions)
  • Gymfit

Our club in Mitcham Junction is in a four storey building dedicated to gymnastics and boasts state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment, two fully equipped gyms, Dance Studio, Classrooms, treatment room and Parent waiting area. Our highly skilled coaches will help you to develop, from Early learners to Adult gymnast, all are treated as individuals, with training adapted to the needs of the individual.

Gymnasts attending Sutton School of Gymnastics are expected to attend regularly and punctually.

All gymnasts are expected to show respect for their surroundings, the equipment, other gymnasts and coaches.

Gymnasts and parents are expected to abide by the rules of the Club. Failure to do so may result in expulsion

All classes except FreeG and adults are paid for quarterly.

To join the club, please phone reception 020 8640 2668  to arrange a trial session.



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 Regional Floor and Vault Competition 30th/31st May 2015


Aimee Lalande de Faria
2nd All Apparatus

Regional Vault Champion
2nd on Floor

Blue Level Achievement pin,

Promoted to Bronze Level

Ella Bulkeley
Regional Champion = 1st overall
Regional Vault Champion
Regional Floor Champion

Blue Level, Achievement pin,

Promoted to Bronze Level

Zay-Yaan Goppy
2nd All Apparatus
Regional Vault Champion
6th on Floor

Blue Level, Achievement Pin,

Promoted to Bronze Level


Rianne Bouchez
2nd place All Apparatus
Regional Floor Champion
5th on Vault 

Blue Level, Achievement pin,

Promoted to Bronze Level


Saathana Vigneswaran 
4th All Apparatus
5th on Vault,  4th on Floor

Blue Level, Achievement pin,

Promoted to Bronze Level


Rosie Riley

Regional Champion All apparatus

Regional Floor Champion
Regional Vault Champion

Bronze Level Achievement pin,

Promoted to Silver Level




Abigail Featherstone-Griffin 

Regional Champion All apparatus

Regional Floor Champion
2nd on Vault

Bronze Level Achievement pin,

promoted to Silver Level


Charles Hannam
4th place All apparatus
Regional Floor Champion
4th on Vault

Blue Level, Achievement pin,

Promoted to Bronze Level





London Women's Artistic  Spring Championships 24th June 2015


Amber Payne 

Regional Champion  All Apparatus

(Level 4, age 12)

Regional Champion on Beam

- Promoted to Level 3

                                     Ella Little  

Silver All Apparatus

(Level 3, age 13) 

Regional Champion on Beam

Francesca Sinnerton 

Silver All Apparatus

(Level 4, age 13)

Regional Champion on Bars

- Promoted to Level 3

Skye Thornback

4th AllApparatus

(Level 4, age 12)




International Roses competition May 2015

19 gymnasts competed and came home with a total of 3 trophies and 61 medals!!!!!

Amber Payne Age 12 - Tudor Rose

Seaby Challenge Winner
1st on Vault
1st on Beam
2nd on Trampette
3rd on Range and Conditioning

 Ella Edwards Age 10 - Tudor Rose

1st on Beam
1st on Tumble
3rd on Trampette
4th on Range and Conditioning

Lucy Steward             Age 10 - Tudor Rose

Most Outstanding Beam Trophy
2nd on Range and Conditioning
3rd on Beam
4th on Vault

Ella Little   Age 13 - Tudor Rose

1st on Beam
1st on Tumble
1st on Range and Conditioning
2nd on Bars
3rd on Trampette


Skye Thornback      Age 13 - Tudor Rose



4th on Range and Conditioning

Chloe Fennell  Age 13 - Tudor Rose

3rd on Vault
3rd on Beam
3rd on Tumble
3rd on Range and Conditioning 
4th on Bars


Nicole Howe    Age 13 - Tudor Rose


1st on Vault
4th on Beam

Tarlee Collins Age 11 - Moss Rose

3rd on Beam
3rd on Range and Conditioning 
4th on Bars
4th on Tumble
4th on Trampette






Clarra Fennell  Age 10 - Moss Rose

3rd on Range and Conditioning 
4th on Trampette

Cheyenne Bailey-Mayhew Age 7 - Moss Rose

4th on Vault
4th on Bars
4th on Beam
4th on Trampette 
4th on Range and Conditioning



Molly Daly   Age 11 - Moss Rose
1st on Trampette
1st on Bars
2nd on Range and Conditioning 
2nd on Vault
3rd on Tumble
4th on Beam

Maya Szczepanska    Age 7 - Moss Rose
1st on Trampette
3rd on Vault
3rd on Bars

Anna Odusi  Age 9 - Moss Rose

2nd on Vault                        

3rd on Trampette

4th on Range and Conditioning

Emmy Johnson   Age 13 - Moss Rose


1st on Vault
2nd on Range and Conditioning

Chloe Lalande de Faria  Age 10 - Moss Rose



4th on Range and Conditioning

Cerys Walden    Age 10 - Moss Rose


Most Outstanding Beam
2nd on Tumble
4th on Bars
4th on Vault

Erin Barnard Age 13 - Moss Rose

1st on Range and Conditioning 
3rd on Beam
4th on Trampette

Teresa Opara  Age 11 - Moss Rose
1st on Range and Conditioning 
2nd on Bars
2nd on Beam
3rd on Vault




Men's Artistic Regional Challenge Competition April 2015



Ben Horsted, 4th All Around


Rings Bronze 

High Bar Bronze

Parallel Bars Silver 

floor 4th Vault 5th 




Charlie Potter


A very tough competition but good execution marks







Women's Artistic Regional Level 5 Spring Championships 19th April 2015

WOW Look at all our regional champions!!!!

Chloe Fennell- Regional Champion All Apparatus,  

Regional Champion on Beam

Regional Champion Floor

Vault 2nd

Bars 2nd

Moving to Level 4 for Autumn Championships



Nicole Howe - Silver All Apparatus,

Regional Champion on Bars,  

Vault 3rd

Beam 3rd

Floor 3rd

Moving to Level 4 for Autumn Championships



Ella Edwards - Silver All Apparatus,

Regional Champion Beam

Vault 4th

Bars 3rd

Floor 4th

Moving to Level 4 for Autumn Championships



Tarlee Collins - Silver All Apparatus,

Regional Champion on Beam

Floor 2nd

Vault 7th

Bars 6th

Moving to Level 4 for Autumn Championships



Lucy Steward- 5th All Apparatus

Regional Champion on Vault

Bars 3rd

Beam 5th

Floor 3rd

Moving to Level 4 for Autumn Championships



Emmy JohnsonSilver All Apparatus,

Regional Champion on Floor

Beam 2nd

Bars 4th

Vault 5th




Molly Daly - 6th All Apparatus
Clarra Fennell- 8th All Apparatus
Erin Barnard - 10th All Apparatus
Cerys Walden- 11th All Apparatus 
Tess Opara- 18th All Apparatus
Chloe DeFaria - 23rd All Apparatus



British Gymnastics NDP National Grades 22nd  March 2015

National Grade 4

Ella Little 2nd Distinction and place in regional team to represent London at National Finals.

Francesca Sinnerton and Amber Payne Joint 5th Distinctions  



British Gymnastics NDP Regional Grades 1st March 2015


Regional Grade 3 out of age 

Chloe Fennell 2nd Distinction





Regional Grade 4 out of age

Molly Daly 3rd   Distinction 





Regional Grade 4 in age

Ella-May Edwards 2nd,  Distinction

Lucy Steward 3rd,  Distinction




The European Gymnastics Invitational 30th November 2014






Tumble Results

Cheyenne 1st age 6, Maya 3rd age 7, Chloe 4th age 9, Lucy 3rd age 9, Emmy 4th age 12

Beam Results
Cheyenne 1st age 6, Maya 3rd age 7, Chloe 2nd age 9, Kirsten 3rd age 9, Tarlee 1st age 11,
Molly 3rd age 10, Emmy 4th age 12

Bar results
Cheyenne 1st age 6, Lucy 1st age 9, Tarlee 2nd age 11, Tess 4th age 10

Vault Results
Cheyenne 1st age 6,  Maya 1st age 7,  Chloe 3rd age 9,    Emmy 1st age 12,                       
Skye 2nd age 11, Molly Daly 3rd age 10

Trampette Results
Cheyenne 4th age 6, Chloe 1st age 9, Kirsten 4th age 9, Lucy 2nd age 9, Molly 3rd age 10,
Skye 3rd age 11, Emmy 4th age 12.


8th/9th November

Ben Horsted represented team London at National finals in Birmingham. Ben had a fantastic competition and the team won the Bronze medal.







The girls went to the regional twin piece competition, Ella Litte and Arina Moharrami won silver medal Level 3 seniors. Amber and Francesca 4th Place  Level 4 senior, Chloe and Nicole 4th place Emmy and Erin 8th place Level 5 senior. Ella Edwards and Lucy Steward 9th place Cerys and Tarlee 21st Place, Molly and Clarra 30th place level 5 junior. 


5th/6th October 2014

Well done to all our gymnasts who competed at the London Gymnastics Autumn Regional Championships.  
12 gymnasts 10 medals 3 placings

Chloe Fennell 1st Place Regional Champion, 1st Floor, 1st Beam

Ella Edwards 1st Place Regional Champion.

Francesca Sinnerton 3rd overall, 1st on floor

Emmy Johnson 4th place, 1st on Floor

Nicole Howe 5th overall, 2nd on bars, 2nd on beam, 2nd on floor

Amber Payne 6th overall 1st on Beam

Tarlee Collins 12th all around and 1st on floor,

Lucy Steward 7th overall 1st on floor

Molly Daly 14th All round.

Cerys Walden 21st Overall

Tess Opara 29th Overall.


21st September 2014 Ben Horsted competed in the Tony Johnson competition. 4th place all round,2nd high bar, 2nd APP, 3rd floor, 5th P Bars, 7th Pommel, 7th rings, 8th vault, 8th PPP.

Ben has been selected to compete for the London Elite Team at National finals in Birmingham in November. Congratulations to Ben and his coach Chris.


September 2014 Ben Horsted and Charlie Potter competed last weekend at the London Development Open. Charlie got the Gold medal in the club grade 1 out of age. Ben came 32nd in the elite grade, with a 6th place on vault. Both boys had very creditable performances in their first National competition on all six pieces of apparatus.



London Regional Team Championships 29th June 2014

Level 4 Senior Team First place Gold Medal.

Ella Little, Arina, Francesca, Chloe, Amber

Incredible result two full marks above 2nd place. 

Junior Level 5 team ( Ella-May, Tarlee, Molly, Cerys, Lucy) 7th Place


London Women's Open Championships 15th June 2014

Ella Little 2nd All round, Beam Gold Medal, Floor Gold Medal

Arina Moharrami 5th all round, Vault Gold Medal

Amber Payne 9th All round

Francesca Sinnerton 16th


Regional Floor & Vault Competition  7th/8th June 2014

George Baxter 4th place overall 

Millie Neville  4th place overall

Abigail Fetherstone-Griffin Silver medal overall & 1st place Vault trophy

Libby Burke Silver medal overall

Alex Perrin 4th Place overall & 1st place Floor trophy

Kaitlin Ellis 11th overall

Portia Arnett Silver medal overall

Stephanie Horsted Gold medal overall, 1st place Floor trophy &  1st place Vault trophy

Eleanor Sinnerton Gold medal overall, 1st place Vault trophy

Serena Skinner Silver medal overall, 1st place Floor trophy

Sophie Williamson Bronze medal overall 

Most gymnasts received achievement pins and move up to the next level of competition.


31st May/1st June 2014

Ella Bulkeley Silver medal overall & 1st place Vault trophy

Ophelia Arnett Silver medal overall & 1st place Floor trophy

Saathana Vigneswaren Gold medal overall & 1st place Floor trophy

Rhianne Bouchez Silver medal overall & 1st place Vault trophy

Aimee DeFaria Gold medal overall & 1st place Vault trophy

Charles Hannam Silver medal overall & 1st place Floor trophy

All gymnasts received achievement pins and move up to next level of competition.


4th May 2014

Men's Artistic Regional Apparatus Competition

Ben Horsted Gold medal and Trophy on Floor, Charlie Potter silver medal Floor. Charlie Potter Gold medal and Trophy on Vault, Ben Horsted Bronze medal Vault. Charlie Potter Silver medal on High Bar.


5th/6th April 2014

London Regional Level 4 Competition

Ella Little Regional Champion all round, Regional Bars Champion, regional Beam Champion.

Arina Moharrami Bronze medal all round, Regional Bars Champion, Regional Floor Champion.

Amber Payne Bronze medal all round

Francesca Sinnerton 6th all round, Regional Floor Champion.

London Regional Level 5 competition

Chloe Fennell Bronze all round.

Skye Thornback 5th all round

Nicole Howe 7th place all round

Ella Edwards 10th place all round

Molly Daly 11th place all round, 2nd place on floor

Emmy Johnson 11th place all round

Clarra Fennell 11th place all round

Tarlee Collins 12th place all round

Cerys Walden 13th Place all round

Well done girls.



23rd March 2014

Ella Little 1st place Gold medal on Floor National grade 8.

Ella Little 7th place and distinction National grade 8.

2nd March 2014

Excellent results at the NDP Grades

Emily S Grade 14 Distinction

Emily A Grade 13 Distinction 4th Place all round

Ella Edwards Grade 13 Distinction 5th place all round

Tarlee Collins Grade 12 Distinction 6th Place

Cerys Walden Grade 12 Pass

Chloe Fennell Grade 10 Distinction 4th Place.

Well done gymnasts and their coaches.


November 2013

English Championships, 
Ella Little Junior Novice English Champion, vault 4th, Bars 2nd, Beam 3rd, Floor 4th.
Amber Payne 7th Overall, Beam 2nd.
Jasmine Woodroffe 6th Overall, Floor 5th, Vault 5th.
Francesca Sinnerton Senior championships 2nd all round. Beam Champion, Floor Champion.
Arina Moharrami 9th overall, Vault Champion, Floor 5th, 
Chloe Fennell 23rd overall, beam 12th.
Well done ladies.

Regional Floor and Vault Blue level

Rosie Riley Regional floor and vault Champion and achievement pin. 

Hattie Atkin Silver medalist. 
Leah Weston Regional Champion, Anna Mercer Silver medal, Sophie Bitton Bronze medal,  All with Achievement pins.

Regional Floor and Vault white level

Abigail Fetherstone Gold medal and achievement pin.

Ella Viera Gold medal and achievement pin.

Serena Skinner Regional floor and vault Champion and achievement pin.


Regional Floor and Vault Gold plus level Kyle White Silver medal.

Ophelia Arnett,  Silver level Regional Champion and achievement pin.


Arina and Ella  London Twin Piece Competition Level 4 Champions.


NDP Grades 2012

Grade 13 Ella Little Silver, Amber Payne Bronze, Skye Thornback Bronze,

Grade 12 Jasmine Woodroffe Bronze, Meena Adi-Fayad 4th,  Holly Abrahams 5th, Nicole Howe 6th. 

Grade 11  Chloe Fennell 13th

Grade 8  Arina Moharrami 19th,

All gymnasts passed their grade most with distinction.


LGF Grades 2011

Grade 14 Amber Payne 4th, Skye Thornback 5thSkye gold medal on Beam. Emmy Johnson 16th, Carmen Morrison 25th

Grade 13 Meena Adi-Fayad 1st, Holly Abrahams 2nd Nicole Howe 4th.  Holly gold medal on Beam and Bars. Jasmine Woodroffe 8th

Grade 12 Arina Moharrami 17th, Chloe Fennell 18th

All gymnasts passed their grade most with distinction.



LGF regional Floor and Vault 20/21st November 2010White competition

White competition

Amy O'Sullivan Silver with achievement pin, Beccy Myers Bronze with achievement pin, Courtney McLeod Gold with achievement pin, Alex Perrin 7th place achievement pin, Stephanie Horstead Bronze with achievement pin, Darcey Walden Silver with achievement pin, Jasmine Akibo-Betts Silver with achievement pin, Kerrie McLeod Gold with achievement pin, Millie Neville Silver with achievement pin.


Blue competition

James Stephens Gold with achievement pin, George Baxter Silver with achievement pin, Cerys Roberts Gold with achievement pin.

Bronze Competition

Gabriel Akibo-Betts Gold with achievement pin, Ciara Hamilton Silver, Oliver Gillin Bronze with achievement pin, Joshua Perrin 5th Place, Eleanor Burgess Gold with achievement pin , Frankie Lock 6th Place achievement pin, Paige Agutter 6th Place,

Silver Competition

Ilianna Patel Bronze


LGF regional Floor and Vault 24/25th April 2010

White competition

James Stephens Silver with acheivement pin, George Baxter Bronze with acheivement pin

Bronze Competition

Ciara Hamilton Gold, Frankie Lock 4th Place

Silver Competition

Leah Fox Silver with acheivement pin, Ilianna Patel 5th Place

Gold Competition

Lauren Taylor Gold

Well done to all the gymnasts and coaches


LGF Grades 28/2/10

Grade 14 in-age  Jasmine Woodroffe 10th place Distinction

Grade 14 out of age Holly Abrahams  Gold Distinction

Meena Adi-Fayad Silver Distinction

Grade 13 in-age Chloe Fox Bronze Distinction

Grade 13 out of age Emily El Bahrawy 9th Distinction

Veronica Freeman 10th Distinction

Arina Moharrami 11th Distinction

Erin Hamilton 12th Pass

Well done to all the gymnasts and coaches.


LGF Gold Competition December 2009   5th Lauren Taylor

LGF Silver Competition December 2009   Silver Leah Fox, 6th Ilianna Patel

LGF Bronze Competition November 2009   Silver Ciara Hamilton, 5th Elenor Burgess

LGF Blue Competition November 2009   GOLD Gabriel Akibo-Betts, Silver Joshua Myers

LGF Gold Competition June 2009  5th Lauren Taylor

LGF Bronze Competition 17th May 2009   GOLD Leah Fox, Ilianna Patel,  8th Alex Sparks, 21st Claudia Trante.

Sutton Invitational Floor and Vault Competition

Sunday 29th March 2009

GOLD Gabrial Akibo-Betts, Erin Hamilton, Alex Sparks, Canice Brown, Leah Fox, Iliana Patel 
SILVER Holly Abrahams, Claudia Trante, Arina Mohharranni, Sheana Mitchell 
BRONZE Ellie Parkhurst, Mia Needham, Leo Rowe-Brown, Lauren Taylor, Lola Fitzpatrick
4th Funmi Morgan, Alex Baltram, 5th Joshua Myers, Millie Ojemere, 7th Millie Neville, Elenor Burgess, 8th Molly Greenaway, 14th Tiara Wijaya

LGF Blue/White competition 15th March 09

All gymnasts received LGF Pins and move up to the next level of competition in October

Well done to all the gymnasts and their coaches.


LGF Grade 14 8th March 09

Emily El-Bahrawy, 9th, Veronica Freeman 20th (out of age) ,Chloe Fox 17th (in age)

All the girls passed grade 14.  

Flair Invitational Competition, Various age groups and catagories

Gold Claudia Trante,Lola Fitzpatrick, Alex Sparks, Canice Brown, Sheana Mitchall, Tiara Wijaya, Leo Rowe Brown, Mia Needham, Leah Fox, Chloe Fox,

Silver Ilianna Patel, Holly Abrahams, Alex Baltram

4th Place Ciara Hamilton, Lauren Taylor

LGF Gold competition 14th December 08 Various age groups

Alex Baltram Golld, Canice Brown Silver, Lauren Taylor 7th Place, Helen Ledwich Bronze, Simon Moore Gold, Frank Hamilton Silver 



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